BOF2021 Program

The Busan One Asia Festival is Asia's landmark cultural content linked with various cultural contents and Korean Wave context of Busan intended to share with youth around the world.

Park Concert

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Let's overcome COVID-19 with LAN Concert and bring our minds closer!

Korea's Top Artists' Feast encompassing all generations!

7 p.m. / Sun. May 9, 2021

  • Live Broadcast
  • V LIVE, Youtube KNN Music
7 p.m. / Sun. May 9, 2021
  • Original Broadcast
  • KNN
10:50 a.m. / Sun. May 16, 2021


※ The guests are subject to change.
  • B1A4

  • Kim Bum Soo

  • Paul Kim

  • Jessi

  • Peakboy

  • Gummy

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