The Busan One Asia Festival is Asia's landmark cultural content linked with various cultural contents and Korean Wave context of Busan intended to share with youth around the world.


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공지사항 Let's Take a Direct Flight between Busan and Singapore for BOF 2019 2019-09-19
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Last May, the Busan-Singapore direct route was launched.

As a result, exchanges between Busan and Singapore are becoming more active.

In October, why don't you visit Busan on a direct Busan-Singapore flight

and enjoy Asia's largest K-POP concert, BOF 2019?


BOF Land will be q-q-open for visitors to enjoy various content,

including performances, exhibitions and cultural experiences centered on K-pop

Busan Cinema Center

HIP-Hop Mashup Concert will be held

at the Unique VENUE in the City of Youth, Busan

Hwamyeong Park

where you can enjoy the BOF K-pop Concert with the top K-POP idols

and a Family Park Concert with fresh air and beautiful glow

Now, Busan and Singapore visitors can come and go directly

How about a trip to Busan for the Busan One Asia Festival?
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