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2017 Program

Program Period/Venue Details
Performance BOF Opening Ceremony Oct. 22 (Sun.), 18:00~21:00
Asiad Main Stadium
  • The best K-POP performances and various programs
  • Busan representative cultural contents collaboration
BOF Awards
(Closing event)
Oct. 31 (Tue.), 18:00~20:00
Busan Cinema outdoor stage
  • BOF Award, K-POP star red carpet event, and ceremony
BOF Park Concert Oct. 29 (Sun.),
(Performance Time : 19:00~21:00)
Busan Citizen Park
  • Various genres of picnic concerts from K-POP to trot
  • Add-on programs, e.g. flea market
BOF Legend Stage
Oct. 24 (Tue.),
Oct. 25 (Wed.),
Oct. 26 (Thur.),
Oct. 27 (Fri.),
BOF Land
(Gunam-ro, Haeundae)
  • Performance by genre, e.g. K-pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM
BOF Jazz & Busking Performance Oct. 22 (Sun.)-31 (Tue.),
BOF Land
(Gunam-ro, Haeundae)
  • Performance of jazz teams and Indi bands based in Busan
BOF Fan Meeting Oct. 23 (Mon.)-27 (Fri.),
Busan Cinema Center
Sky Theater
  • Special meetings with stars uniquely at BOF, planned by fans
  • Five times during the festival
Made In Busan “A Lad’s Dance” by Busan’s Renowned Dancer, Kim Jin-hong
Oct. 24 (Tue.) – 27 (Fri.) 19:30–20:40 / Nongshim Hotel (Nae Dang)
  • It is a Dongnae Hannyangmu dance presentation to be performed by Jin-hong Kim, a renowned dancer representing Busan and Gyeongsang-do, which aims to follow the legacy of this traditional dance from Busan.
Yaru EDM Festival
Oct. 27 (Fri.) 16:00–22:00 / Yongdusan Park
  • It is a new kind of festival that presents a fantastic mixture of globally well-known pop music EDM and traditional mask dance, Yaryu, which was designated as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in Busan.
One Asia Flash Mob, “Longing for Daedong”
Sep. 23 (Sat.) 13:00-16:00 / Lawn Plaza, Busan Citizens Park
  • It is a large-scale flash mob of the Daedong Dance that strives for harmony and engages about 1,000 participants that consist of Busan residents, artists, and foreigners.
BOF Showcase Oct. 22 (Sun.)-31 (Tue.) Busan Asiad Main Stadium,
Seomyeon Norimaru,
Busan Citizen Park,
Yongdusan Park,
Busan Cinema Center
  • New K-PO group guerrilla performance
Additional Event BOF Open Studio Oct. 22 (Sun.)-31 (Tue.),
  • Daily TV coverage of the events of BOF at BOF Land
  • Radio public broadcasting
BOF Store Oct. 22 (Sun.)-31 (Tue.)
  • Introduction, sales of products of K-POP stars
  • Fandom flea market - making and selling secondary creation by Korean Wave star fans
BOF Cover Dance Contest Oct. 28 (Sat.),
BOF Land
(Gunam-ro, Haeundae)
  • K-POP cover dance contest
BOF Play Center Oct. 22 (Sun.)-31 (Tue.),
12:00 ~ 22:00
BOF Land
(Gunam-ro, Haeundae)
  • Hands-on experience, e.g. Board game, K-POP related VR, mobile contents, Webtoon, drawing show, caricature, photo zone
BOF Platform Sept. 1 (Fri.)- Oct. 31 (Tue. ) Busan and BOF main vent site
  • BOF introduction and promotion in Busan
  • BOF GIRLS promotion team
Japan Culture Sound in BOF Oct. 28 (Sat.) Busan Cinema Center
  • Movie screening, singer and voice actor live stage, artist live stage
BOF Talk Concert During Sept. - Oct. Universities in Busan and Norimaru
  • Special lecture on Korean Wave by stars
Exhibition BOF Ground Oct. 27 (Fri.) - 29 (Sun.),
Seomyeon Norimaru & Seomyeon areas
  • New Korean Wave trend hands-on experience, e.g. food, beauty, fashion and medical

※ The above schedule is subject to change.